Newegg goes another round against patent trolls

Newegg and others go up against patent troll Macrosolve

Online retailer Newegg is no stranger to patent troll lawsuits. In 2013, the company decided to fight back against TQP Development, a non-practicing entity that held patents related to Internet security encryption. The tactic did not work out so well for Newegg, which lost its battle against TQP and ended up shelling out $2.3 million. But that did not mean that Newegg was ready to give up on its war against trolls. 

This time, Newegg – and a group of other companies who joined them in the fight – came out on top. The troll in question is Macrosolve, which lays claim to patents that cover questionnaires presented on mobile apps. Along with other companies, such as Geico Insurance, Newegg accused Macrosolve of extorting over four million dollars from more than 60 defendants.

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