FCC Chairman remarks that new net neutrality laws will not cover connection deals

Services will have to get used to paying ISPs to connect

In the wake of a January decision that gave Internet service providers more control over the flow of information on their networks, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) said that it would seek new ways to preserve the equitable treatment of information on the Internet. But on April 1, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler made it clear that those plans do not currently include stopping providers from charging services like Netflix and Hulu from connecting to their networks.

The National Journal reports that those comments were likely directed to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who recently made a plea to the FCC to consider peering deals under the auspices of net neutrality. Hasting’s request follows a deal Netflix struck with Comcast that give it service better connectivity to Comcast’s network for an undisclosed price. FCC guidelines that would stop these types of deals would prevent Netflix from having to shell out to other cable service providers.

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