Employee litigation is steeper in some U.S. states

Businesses are most at risk for employee lawsuits in five specific regions and states

Employee litigation can take a toll on a business both financially and reputation-wise. Enterprises that have undergone employee practice cases can be heavily docked in the consumers’ eyes for their treatment of their workers. And businesses in five particular areas of the U.S. need to watch out for employee litigation more than all other states, according to research from specialist insurer Hiscox.

California, Illinois, Alabama, Mississippi, and the District of Columbia are the top five riskiest regions for employee lawsuits in the U.S., says the data. The study found that U.S. businesses with at least 10 employees have a 12.5 percent change of experiencing a lawsuit of employment liability. The Insurance Journal details the statistics: California clocks in at 42 percent higher chance of businesses being sued by employees, District of Columbia at 32 percent, Illinois at 26 percent, Alabama and 25 percent, and Mississippi at 19 percent. 

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