ABC will face South Dakota court over ‘pink slime’ comments

Could face penalties of up to $1.2 billion for violation of Agricultural Food Products Disparagement Act

Maybe “slime” isn’t the most appetizing way to describe a food product, but it’s certainly easier to stomach than a potential $1.2 billion lawsuit. ABC News may soon be eating both its words and that price tag though, as a South Dakota based judge has rebuffed the broadcaster’s attempts to toss out a defamation lawsuit brought as a result of remarks it made about extruded meat products.

During a series of reports by ABC News in the spring of 2012, the signature product of Beef Products Inc. was repeatedly referred to as “pink slime.” According to BPI, the product, which is frequently used in fast food restaurants, is a finely ground and textured beef product. The company claims that repeated use of the term “pink slime” hurt its reputation by mischaracterizing an important offering as inedible.

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