Reputation and private security discussion offers window into ongoing corporate challenges

Adhering to regulations doesn’t necessarily protect from reputational damage

In our increasingly connected world, everything occurs in an echo chamber. Once, quelling a customer issue may have been a simple matter of reimbursement and a promise never to let the problem happen again. Now, with a diverse set of social media platforms and connection options, what was once a matter between company and unhappy customer can quickly escalate into a full-fledged public relations nightmare. 

But, reputational damage becomes even more pointed when untrained or unscrupulous employees leak sensitive customer information. While strategies to mitigate issues on social media have become common place in recent years, guidelines for recovering reputation from a private data breach are scant. This hammers home the essential need for companies to follow regulations surrounding private information. But sometimes even local regulations aren’t stringent enough.

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Chris DiMarco, Executive Editor of InsideCounsel magazine, has a background in multimedia production with previous involvement in projects in which he developed and created content...

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