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Goldman CEO’s salary regains top spot among Wall Street heads

Lloyd Blankfein returns to the role of the highest-paid CEO of the U.S.’s major banks.

In the hierarchy U.S. financial institutions, Goldman Sachs is certainly near the top of the list, but its CEO Lloyd Blankfein has not enjoyed top monetary compensation as head of such a prominent organization in the last four years — at least compared to his rival bank CEOs. This year, though, he is about to regain his status as the top-paid CEO among the U.S.’s most major financial institutions.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Blankfein’s position among the highest-paid CEOs on Wall Street slumped four years ago as Wells Fargo’s and J.P. Morgan Chase’s CEOs surpassed him in terms of salary plus bonus, but in 2013, Blankfein’s estimated $23 million pay package surpassed both aforementioned CEOs’, bringing him back up to the top spot of highest-paid CEO on Wall Street. 

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