Inside: My legal bill is too high! Alternatives?

While hourly rates are still the norm, many firms have adopted alternative fee structures

Times are changing. Overhead is being slashed. No longer are marble mausoleum reception areas, entire floors dedicated to conference rooms with each room filled with an exotic wood table, or priceless art collections adorning law firm halls and offices a requisite for corporate outside counsel offices. Efficiency and low-overhead are characteristics that are often what clients currently are searching for — law firms that mirror their own business practices.

Why would a business which holds itself out to the public as one which can provide a quality product or service at a lower cost than competitors hire a law firm which does not do the same? Why would a company that boasts cutting luxuries and astronomic executive salaries in order to reach a competitive price-point hire a law firm with inflated costs as a result of owning a few Picassos? This has been a serious question for companies in the past decade.

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Jefferey Ogden Katz

Jefferey Ogden Katz is a partner at The Patterson Law Firm, LLC. He is a leading litigation attorney and has handled numerous professional liability cases...

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