Technology: Turning document review expense into assets

Creating reusable synonym-rings turns the expense of one document review into a reusable asset that can be leveraged in the next review

For many corporations — those with active litigation portfolios or frequent internal investigations or ongoing regulatory scrutiny — document review has become a continuous activity. The cost of these reviews can really mount up, often into the tens of millions of dollars per year. Ironically, one of the cost-drivers is the reluctance of counsel to admit that document review is now a regular part of corporate life and react accordingly. In this article we will show you how to substantially reduce document review costs by creating reusable assets in each and every review.

When discussing this topic, clients frequently say that while they do a lot of document review, each matter is different and therefore the work of one review cannot be leveraged into the next. We are here to tell you that this is an erroneous statement. From a language perspective there is much more similarity than difference between reviews. If you think in terms of language instead of documents, much of the work done for one matter is reusable in the next.

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Andy Kraftsow

RenewData’s Chief Scientist Andy Kraftsow leads the company’s efforts to develop groundbreaking technologies. Trained as a mathematician (and a CPA) Kraftsow is one of the...

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