Chefs claim intellectual property damages for unattributed food porn pics

Sharing food porn pictures on social networks could be damaging the intellectual property of chefs around the world.

Social media has created a lifestyle that encourages its users to publicly share their lives online for all of their closest friends, family and complete strangers to see. The latest trend on social networking channels is surprisingly in relation to a new type of porn; food porn, that is. If you aren’t familiar with the hashtag food porn (#foodporn), it refers to exactly what it suggests: pictures of food that look so appetizing it actually causes people pleasure just looking at them.

The written and unwritten laws of sharing someone else’s work by means of a published outlet, also known as plagiarism, have always included giving the correct attribution to the original author (or in this case, chef). However, with social media outlets changing the game of sharing, there hasn’t been a list of set rules put into place yet regarding images of someone else’s work.  

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