Drug giants sued for mismarketing of widely used drug

Janssen Pharma and Bayer have come under fire for improperly marketing a drug that has been linked to serious internal bleeding issues for some patients

Xarelto is an anti-coagulant drug made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corp. — both of which are now being sued for a products liability claim regarding the substance. Virginia G. Stuntebeck is filing a suit against the makers of the drug as she alleges that the drug caused severe internal and gastrointestinal bleeding after being prescribed to her for atrial fibrillation — the fibrillation of the muscles of the atria of the heart, a common type of arrhythmia. Xarelto has been primarily used to reduce the risk of, and/or treat, stroke and systemic embolism in patients with atrial fibrillation.

Stuntebeck’s lawsuit claims that the drug makers marketed a “one size fits all” drug, but was mismarketed to patients as such, and many patients were put at risk because of the misinformation delivered by physicians. Risks were not made clear for serious and fatal bleeding, and the marketing for the drug further indicated that it was easier to use than other drugs because of its lack of required monitoring for internal bleeding once the patient takes the drug.

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