Apple data breach compromises users of iOS and OS X

The hack has caused the U.S. Attorney General to call on Congress to set a standard for alerting customers and requiring companies to act within a certain time frame

Hacking and cybersecurity breaches are more common these days than any consumer, business or government agency likes, and they occur not just on the fringes of the Web, but within major corporations, affecting millions of users. The most recent data breach comes from one of the most household technology company names in the world: Apple. Renowned for its devices’ security and their inability to obtain viruses, Apple has shocked users by revealing a security protocol breach that is the result of a flaw in the company’s iOS and OS X platforms.

The hack itself allows the hacker to insert himself in between the initial verification and the verification session’s destination server, so as to allow the hacker to take over identity as a trusted user. If a hacker is thought to be a verified endpoint by the destination server, that server then allows the hacker to access supposedly secured connections such as to email, monetary applications, and websites in which you enter identification and passwords to enter.

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