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Longstanding Deutsche Bank lawsuit settled with Kirch family

The family of the late Leo Kirch has been seeking monetary recompense for the collapse of his empire

The family of Leo Kirch has been seeking upwards of €3.3 billion in recompense for the late media mogul's empire -- the collapse of which they blame on German banking firm Deutsche Bank. For over a decade, Leo Kirch -- who died in 2011 -- and his family have been in a legal dispute with Deutsche Bank over the downfall of the Kirch Group, which started in 2002. Deutsche Bank's chief executive officer Rolf Breuer publicly questioned the creditworthiness of the Kirch Group in that year, and the group subsequently suffered lawsuit upon lawsuit, and enough negative media attention to contribute to its ultimate collapse.

Deutsche Bank has finally agreed to compensate the Kirch family in the form of €775 million, plus interest and costs, which amount to another €150 million according to Bloomberg, which will settle the long-running dispute with Leo Kirch's heirs, albeit far under the family's sought-after sum. 

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