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New technology 'Shaking' up the legal world

New app helps small businesses draw up contracts

Technology is on the docket when it comes to sealing the legal deal for businesses, and helping entrepreneurs finalize their dreams into realities. Take for example, one San Francisco business owner. The L.A. Times reports that Joey Mucha, who runs a side business renting skee ball machines, and his business began to sky-rocket, he decided to use contracts to protect his clients and his business. Instead of using a high-priced attorney, Mocha used a smartphone app called Shake that helps draft easy-to-read contracts that customers can then sign with a swipe of their fingers on their screen.

"I don't make enough money to pay $250 an hour for a lawyer to draft a contract," Mucha told the newspaper. "But I needed something to use as a defense in a scenario where I wasn't paid, without hiring a lawyer or trying to write my own contract." The Shake app, which launched in September, has the option to create six kinds of contracts. 

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