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Patent trolls target White Castle

Patent trolls go after White Castle, leaving the family-run business feeling “gun-shy”

In 1921, White Castle first opened its doors. Today, nearly 10,000 team members work in 406 restaurant locations across 12 states to provide chain’s famous “sliders.” The fast food giant remains a family-owned business committed to its customers with success driven by the principle that good business, great food and responsible citizenship should come as a package.

White Castle knows first-hand that the restaurant industry is an incredibly competitive industry. The company is always seeking new and innovative ways to provide more value to our customers.  Unfortunately, there is an increasing threat to White Castle and others who are providing customers with the best experience, and that is patent trolls. The negative term “patent trolls” stands for companies that purchase groups of patents without an intent to market a product. The companies then target other businesses with lawsuits alleging infringement of the patents they bought.

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Amanda G. Ciccatelli is a Contributing Writer for InsideCounsel, where she covers the patent litigation space. Amanda earned a B.A. in Communications and Journalism from...

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