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Antitrust investigations influencing corporate boards and operations

The growing numbers of antitrust and regulatory probe cases are pressuring large companies to abide by anticompetitive rulings

Regulatory probes are an expected part of life for companies that are globally successful, have their hand in various markets, and employ thousands of people. Tech companies in particular have been in the spotlight for probes involving antitrust issues -- Google and Apple to name but two. The European Commission has aggressively taken U.S. technology companies to task for their violation of antitrust, and anticompetitive regulations set in place in Europe. A recent study from law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer has revealed that the trends of antitrust and regulatory probes have actually influenced the way governments have pushed political and economic agendas, as reported by the Wall Street Journal

Governments -- particularly the U.S. and the E.U.'s regulatory bodies -- have been putting pressure on companies that have experienced mounting success to abide by regulatory rules regarding competition and price-setting. And the number of antitrust cases is only set to increase as the encouraging of privately pursuing companies to compensate for antitrust violations is on the rise.

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