Technology companies form coalition to counter NSA data collection

The Reform Government Surveillance movement is a group of major U.S. tech companies to petition for limited government data collection

The NSA revelations, as leaked by Edward Snowden in June 2013, will likely become a marker of President Barack Obama's term in office as global leaders and the U.S. citizenry flew into rages following the revelation that the National Security Agency was conducting mass surveillance tactics on the back ends of major technology companies' products. Obama's general response to many of the subsequent requests and clamors for transparency has proved unsatisfactory the majority of the public and tech companies. Some of these technology companies have now banded together to submit a formal request to the U.S. government to cease collecting bulk data on their customers.

The companies that have joined an effort dubbed "Reform Government Surveillance" include Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Microsoft. 

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