Google, Cisco forge patent cross-licensing deal

The two tech giants have agreed to license each other's patents and ensure the lack of litigation needed in the future

Technology companies are renowned for their bitter and expensive patent litigation and legal battles over who owns what licenses and how they are used. Some of the biggest names -- Apple and Samsung for two -- have been embroiled in patent lawsuits for years in courts in many countries as they try to edge each other out of the mobile device market. But a unique reconciliation of sorts has been made between Google and Cisco -- two other giants -- who have come to terms in order to relieve themselves of future patent problems.

The two companies signed an agreement that allows the each to license the other's patents in a cross-licensing deal that will essentially make it less likely that either violates patents and must bring the other to court. In such an agreement, both companies will be avoiding the exorbitant fees of patent litigation, and they will both have access -- for likely high fees -- to the other's patents.  

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