Technology: 5 (relatively) easy ways to improve your privacy practices in 2014

Some scalable and self-contained tips and practices to follow to improve your team improve its privacy practices

With the New Year well under way, the newly-resolute have come and gone, and the gyms and yoga studios are once again the realm of the year-round regulars. This column is dedicated to those who eschewed resolutions altogether (on the theory that one doesn’t need a special day to start trying to cultivate better habits) and to those — I suspect they are few — who set realistic, attainable goals and have stuck with them. In that spirit, I offer these suggestions for improving privacy practices in 2014. I’ve attempted to make these both scalable (so you can start small) and relatively self-contained (so you can implement them without having to undertake significant changes to policies and practices that are already in place). Obviously, these general tips may not be appropriate for every situation, and you should seek appropriate legal advice before you implement them in your organization.

1. Check your contracts

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Kit Winter

Kit Winter is a member at law firm Dykema Gossett in Los Angeles and focuses on internet, intellectual property and business litigation. He can be...

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