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Of wild dogs and wildebeests: What litigators can learn from the wilderness

3 tips gleamed from a trip in the African sunshine

Recently, my family and I traveled to South Africa for vacation and spent part of the time there in a game preserve in the Sabi Sands region viewing the extraordinary animal life and shooting lots of pictures. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend a trip there. While the whole point of any vacation is obviously to get away from the office, as always, I couldn’t help thinking about work, at least some of the time. There was one moment in the trip I found particularly instructive.

One morning, we found ourselves watching a pack of wild dogs lazing about in the African sunshine. These are magnificent creatures—lithe, graceful, intelligent and highly endangered. They hunt collaboratively and have the highest success rate of any of the great African predators; more than 80 percent of their hunts result in a kill. But, at that moment, hunting seemed the furthest thing from their minds.

PD Villarreal

PD Villarreal is senior vice preisdent of global litigation at GlaxoSmithKline.

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