Technology: The role of probability & certainty in developing document review strategies

Demonstrating how to reduce the cost of document review by 85 percent without AI, using mathematics and technology

With corporate legal budgets under continued pressure, inside counsel is often faced with answering three difficult questions:

  1. What will the pursuit of this matter cost?
  2. How long will it take?
  3. If I work to control my costs, what will that do to my risk?

In pondering the implications of these questions, one’s focus quickly centers on document review. Document review now represents 70 percent of e-discovery costs — not a surprising figure when you consider that the cost to collect, process and host a document for review runs in the neighborhood of five cents ($.05) while the cost to review a document is roughly $1 using a contract attorney (and many times that amount if the document is reviewed by a more senior attorney.)

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Andy Kraftsow

RenewData’s Chief Scientist Andy Kraftsow leads the company’s efforts to develop groundbreaking technologies. Trained as a mathematician (and a CPA) Kraftsow is one of the...

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