Fox's 'New Girl' faces ‘blatant plagiarism’ charges

The popular, quirky TV show 'New Girl' slapped with a lawsuit for intellectual property theft.

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Screenwriters Stephanie Counts and Shari Gold have accused the hot show “New Girl" of stealing ideas from their pilot script. They are suing the show's creator Elizabeth Meriwether, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC, executive-producer Peter Chernin, executive-producer Jacob Kasdan and Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. for plagiarism, claiming that "New Girl" is a rip-off of their script.

This lawsuit demands monetary compensation, credit for the show and an injunction to halt filming and distribution. The Huffington Post reported that the two writers allegedly shopped the script for a pilot called “Square One” through William Morris Endeavor, where it received interest. The writers even proposed Zooey Deschanel as the lead for the comedy. Then, just a few months later, WME stopped returning their calls.

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