Mitigating smartphone patent litigation

The role of licensing, standards and regulations in high tech fields

Patent trolls may be a frequent topic of conversation in the legal technology space, however, there are still a number of companies that license and distribute patent rights in the proper way. Consider some of the most prevalent technology of our time that helps to power the smartphones and mobile devices that dictate our lives today, such as Bluetooth enabled headsets, voice activated software and wireless device technology.

According to a recent Forbes article, in the tech industry, it’s common practice for a governing body to develop technical standards for any given technology to promote widespread adoption and compatibility among various devices. Not only do these technologies span from device to device but they also help opposing manufacturers to integrate their devices with that of another competitor. While the notion of working together with a competing provider may seem ineffective for profitability, with the proliferation of multi-channel devices, any consumer has the potential to own and use an array of different brands at one time; therefore, it is actually in a manufacturer’s favor to integrate their products to work well with others so they are compatible. 

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