Johnnie Cochran’s firm wants to represent whistleblowers

The former OJ Simpson attorney’s firm is looking to build a whistleblower practice

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In life Johnnie Cochran was an eminently quotable individual who was not afraid to rhyme in the courtroom. In his memory, perhaps the members of his eponymous firm might be saying “if the whistle blows, the worker knows,” or “if you blow the whistle, I’ll write an epistle.” Chances are, he’d have something far cleverer than that.

Either way, his firm might want to brush up on their whistleblower-related rhyming, as The Cochran firm’s Washington-area office has set its sights on building a whistleblower practice. The firm hopes to represent individuals who submit information to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblower program, as outlined in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

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