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South Carolina’s attorney general latest to join war on patent trolls

AG Alan Wilson joins 43 other attorneys general in encouraging the Federal Trade Commission to take action

In the technology space, you have innovators who start a trend, then you have the early adopters, who get in when the trend is hot. Suddenly, that trend will reach a tipping point, and a majority of people will be on board. It seems that the patent troll issue has reached a tipping point, at least in the minds of state attorneys general nationwide. 

Bill Sorrell, attorney general of the state of Vermont, is widely regarded as the innovator in this area, as he was the first AG to take an aggressive stance on patent trolls. Other early adopters, like Martha Coakley of Massachusetts and Jon Bruning of Nebraska, soon followed. With the war on patent trolls reaching critical mass, South Carolina attorney general Alan Wilson has joined 43 other state AGs in asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take strong action on the patent troll problem. 

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