Patent trolls continue to target SMBs despite upcoming Innovation Act ruling

Small and medium businesses frequently targeted by patent assertion entities

When it comes to patent trolls, big enterprises and manufacturing companies primarily have the upper hand over small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) due to their assisting legal teams and deep pockets. So what does an SMB, embedded in the technology sector do to protect itself from patent trolls who not only attempt to collect licensing fees from potential infringers, but have no actual intent to sell or license the product in question to begin with? The unfortunate answer is, not much.

With new technology entering the market faster than manufacturers have time to keep up, the war on patent trolls is continuing to become more prevalent in the U.S. In fact, a recent Southeast Texas Records report suggests that our legal system is actually increasingly being manipulated to allow entities to threaten and bring frivolous lawsuits against legitimate businesses around the country.  

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