Technology: Preparing for the new year with cloud computing issues to watch in 2014

Encryption, identity management and wearable technology look to be hot issues in cloud computing as we enter 2014

Cloud computing continues to gain traction as businesses seek greater business agility and expanded ways to connect with customers that increasingly engage with businesses through social media and mobile technology. So as we prepare to start the New Year, it is a good time to consider some of the things attorneys should be watching in the area of cloud computing. These include encryption, identity and access management and wearable technologies.


Identity management

Identity management also is expected to gain increasing attention in 2014. Managing who has access to what — and how to quickly eliminate access when employees leave the company — is essential to enterprise security yet is more complicated in today’s cloud environment. Without cloud identity management, companies have difficulty adopting public cloud solutions safely and effectively. The concept of “aggregate identity” is being discussed by cloud security professionals as a means of addressing identity and access management. This aggregate identity will consist of several parts, including corporate, personal, devices used, behavior and social identity. The challenge in identity management is the need for organizations to quickly determine who the user is and what the user is authorized to have access in a cloud environment that is fast moving, outside of the organization’s control, and, very complex.

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Janet A. Stiven is the vice president & general counsel of The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

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