Facebook served with complaint for message-scanning tactics

Scans evaluated links within messages, may have compromised user privacy

After a year of growing concerns, privacy seems poised to continue its march into the public eye in 2014. On Dec. 30 2013, social media giant Facebook was served with a complaint for message-scanning practices it employs to offer targeted marketing messages to users. Two Facebook users submitted the complaint in a Federal court in San Jose, California, Bloomberg reports.

Currently, when users compose messages via Facebook and incorporate a link in the content, the link is scanned so that the social media site can collect information on the users’ interests. The complaint argues that this is a warrantless practice that could be used to eavesdrop on the private messages of Facebook users. Facebook asserts that the original content of the message is not scanned, and spokeswoman Jackie Roonie says that the allegations are “without merit.”

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