Assessing the risks of private data

Leaders reviewing the privacy strategies of their companies need to be ready for just about anything

The following is part one of a two-part series that explores the risk of private data storage.

The volume of information that is created, stored and exchanged by networked devices each day is astronomical. It is projected that with an Internet that already has an estimated 50 billion “things” connected to it, the number of connections will increase to 13,311,666,640,184,600 by the year 2020, according to Cisco Systems. Each of those connections betrays tiny pieces of information about users. While alone those pieces are negligible, in aggregate they offer a window into the private lives of those on the other end.

Regulatory risks

Perhaps the most vexing data security and privacy challenge for companies in the U.S. is the lack of overarching laws and guidelines that hold businesses accountable. While patchwork regulations exist, they vary wildly from state to state and are not policed by any single enforcement agency.

Bad actors

In addition to the regulatory issues surrounding the management and storage of private information, additional vectors, including threat from hackers and malicious internal agents, continue to threaten the private information of customers and businesses.

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