Startups still face big challenges from U.S. patent law

New legislation aims to curb patent trolls and make it easier for smaller companies to protect IP

The protection of intellectual property is no less important for smaller companies than it is for larger ones, and the technology industry is one of the most competitive landscapes for emerging businesses that need to ensure their IP is secured. Startups have a unique challenge in the patent protection world; their IP is basically the kernel they must protect in order to germinate and grow their technology, but tech giants are so aggressive with their patent litigation that startups often can't withstand the courtroom fees. Reports note that recent legislation brought through the U.S. Congress attempts to address the problems that have made patent protection imbalanced in favor of large corporations. 

The Innovation Act -- recently passed by the House of Representatives -- and similar reform bills, aim to curb the willy-nilly patent protection practices of businesses that seek to edge out smaller entities.

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