Printing businesses refute patent claims in Senate Judiciary Committee hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee hoping to ease ligation strain on the printing business

Patent litigation is a term that has become all too familiar in the marketplace. Industries that use technology of any relevance to patent-holders are frequently held liable for infringement if they are not careful with their creation and manufacturing processes. However, for the printing business, patent claims were unheard of until printers began getting demand letters to print QR codes and use workflow software this past year.

A Direct Marketing report quoted Michael Makin, president and CEO of the Printing Industries of America regarding the increase in the need for education of patent claims. “We have been astounded by the thuggish action of these enterprises,” Makin testified in a hearing on patent trolls held by the Senate Judiciary Committee. “One printer in Kansas received a letter demanding $75,000 to avoid a suit, with the threat that in two weeks it would go up to $90,000. This puts undue stress on an industry already facing low profits and lower demand.”

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