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Renewable energy efforts hit legislative roadblocks

The Obama administration's aim at implementing green systems faces the age-old problem of environmental regulations

Energy legislation is notorious for being behind the times of technological innovation when it comes to renewable resources, recycling, solar power and other methods of improving the way humans consume and produce energy. And, in line with such historical precedents, many see U.S. President Barack Obama's early-December memorandum on his administration's future use of energy to be a bit inconsiderate of the regulations in place for actually building and maintaining green energy systems.

Sustainability goals are a high priority, especially after last month's climate summit in Warsaw that was overshadowed by environmental concerns post-Typhoon Haiyan, consistent Beijing smog and other global effects. But as much of an effort as Obama's and other administrations can make towards creating sustainable energy sources and patterns, government regulations are traditionally the biggest hampers of intended improvements upon renewability measures.

A recent report by Ryan Yonk and Megan Hansen highlights certain accounts of various efforts in the U.S. to implement green systems and the resulting obstacles of current legislation. In one example, laws meant to protect the environment actually hinder projects set forth to amend water pressure systems including the Endangered Species Act, the National Historic Preservation Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

So, until legislation can meet both the needs of advancing technological prowess for green energy systems as well as the on-going needs of current environmental concerns, new efforts to create and install renewable energy processes will be met with significant obstacles.


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