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Canadian university sets sights on faith-based law school

The legal community is concerned for the future of Canada's unbiased lawyer base should the school's accreditation pass

A community in British Columbia is experiencing some legal troubles, but not in any courtroom. Trinity Western University is attempting to accredit a law program that it is aiming to integrate into its anti-gay ideology. The Christian university is located in Fraser Valley and requires all students to sign and comply with a written agreement upon entrance to the university that acknowledges marriage as an act between a man and a woman, and also forbids the engagement of "sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage" in such regard.  

Aside from the obvious concerns of those in the community who are in support of gay rights, the legal community is equally as concerned for the preservation of unbiased practice. Does a faith-based law school that actively discredits same-sex marriage mean that students who attend the school will graduate with discriminatory biases against the LGBT community? Many think so; many law students in other schools have written in protest to the Federation of Law Societies.

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