U.S. Senate seeks better focus on House patent bill

Ongoing reform for patent litigation in Congress sees revisions and strong opinions from both sides

The concern in the U.S. over smaller entities being properly served by in-flux patent legislation is one part of the issue at hand for the Judiciary Committee session of Senate hearings titled "Protecting Small Businesses and Promoting Innovation by Limiting Patent Troll Abuse" this week. As Congress revisits the volatile subject of patent litigation -- one that strikes chords with both big and small businesses -- some Senators have approached the issue with caution and have invited a wide span of organizations including universities and individual inventors to weigh in. 

Small businesses protecting their intellectual property in the face of big enterprises that can afford vast amount of patent litigation is a historical problem and not limited to the U.S. But recent regulatory reform over the last several years has sought to address the issue of the little guy versus the big guy.

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