European watchdogs could cause delay on Nokia patent mining

European competition authority warns of patent troll behavior

As we embark on the final weeks of 2013, Nokia Corp is in the news yet again for claims of patent trolling. Europe’s antitrust regulator is keeping a close eye on the smartphone manufacturer as it prepares to finalize the sale of its handset business to Microsoft. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the vice president of Europe's competition authority said regulators wouldn't tolerate the Finnish company behaving like a "patent troll." The watchdog is concerned that once the sale is made, the Finns will have an incentive to mine profits from its portfolio of more than 30,000 patents.

Nokia generated a total of $643 million in revenue from its 40 patent licensees last year, which could account for more than 30 percent of Nokia's operating profit next year and with Nokia's shares still up 88 percent since the Microsoft deal in September, the anticipation is that the patents business will only continue to expand.

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