Start-up founder victorious in patent lawsuit

FindtheBest defeats a patent troll

Last month, a New York judge ruled in a favor of comparison shopping website FindtheBest’s motion on a judgment on the pleadings and invalidated Lumen View Technology LLC’s so-called patent trolls lawsuits.  The judge’s ruling in favor of, represented by Leventhal Law, found that the patent lacked any inventive ideas and failed to claim patent-eligible subject matter. 

FindtheBest co-founder Kevin O’Connor fought the case after it was decided Lumen View Technology’s litigation was meritless, and the executive even took to the blogosphere to fight his cause. According to businessweek, the lawsuit was just one of at least 20 Lumen had filed, according to court documents. Since assembling a legal team is generally more expensive than paying the proposed licensing free, many firms especially start-ups, take the latter route.

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