EBA issues warning against Bitcoin trade

Cyber theft and fraud are two main concerns surrounding the meteoric rise of the digital currency

The rise of Bitcoin has been a source of both befuddlement and promise from tech entrepreneurs and investors alike. Bitcoins run at high-risk, but also at high-yield if the last several months of its soaring value are any indication. But in the same vein, as the interest in Bitcoin's digital origin and its meteoric rise to the forefront of mainstream consumerism has financial investors' attention -- including the famed Winklevoss twins -- it also has many leery of how sustainable a purely digital currency can be, especially with cyber theft a real concern.  

Bitcoin's birth is now the stuff of legend; rooted in the mysterious code-mining computer of someone only known as Satoshi Nakamoto, it's now skyrocketed in popularity having just raised $65 million in the last two months' round of funding. Naturally, this has regulatory bodies with their heads in their hands. China's banned Bitcoin transactions through financial institutions. The European Banking Authority has been the latest to issue warnings against the risk of fraud and theft associated with the digital currency. 

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