Global patent filings experience fastest growth in almost two decades

Latest WIPO report credits intellectual property cases for reaching strongest growth rate in 18 years for 2012 global patent filings

Almost five years after the height of the financial crisis in 2009, industries are finally starting to bounce back and begin to prosper again. In the legal industry, some markets are seeing faster growth than before the crisis even hit. This past year, intellectual property (IP) filings experienced the strongest increase in 18 years, recording a best-ever growth rate for 2012 global patent filings.

According to the latest World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) report, patent filings grew by 9.2 percent, or 2.35 million applications filed in 2012. Utility model (UM) filings increased by 23.4 percent, while industrial design filings increased by 17 percent and trademark filings by 6.0 percent.

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