Technology: The top 3 myths of big data, Yotta, Yotta, Yotta…

Several big data myths need to be debunked in order to create a more sustainable future

A yottabyte equals 1 trillion terabytes (the largest data metric that most commonly used today). That’s not just big data, it’s really big data, and it’s clearly the direction that things are heading in; particularly given the prevalence of today’s “keep everything” mantra. It’s this thinking that when combined with the equally pernicious belief that “storage is cheap” has brought legal firms, private and public companies and government agencies alike to the data deluge precipice, where even the possibility of big data can’t provide salvation.

In order to create a more sustainable data management future, several big data myths need to be debunked.

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Dean Gonsowski

A former litigator, general counsel and associate general counsel, Dean Gonsowski is the global head of information governance at Recommind and has more than 15...

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