Facebook CEO says government “blew it” with surveillance tactics

Mark Zuckerberg also touched on the U.S. economy and immigration policy in his ABC “This Week” appearance

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had strong words for the government’s spy tactics before, saying the NSA has done a bad job balancing personal freedoms and overall security. But recently, Zuckerberg has stepped up his criticism, saying in a television interview that the U.S. government “really blew it” when it comes to national security.

Zuckerberg, who was 2012’s highest-earning CEO at more than $2.2 billion, appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Nov. 24 to discuss everything from his personal life to his business aspirations. However, it was the government’s increased reliance on Facebook for more information, as well as the public backlash against the tactics, that drew his strongest words.

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