IBM adds new patent to vast portfolio

Tech giant adds green cloud computing patent

The patent war rages on, especially among hi-tech companies. But, as firms like Google, Apple, Samsung and others batter each other, there is one old soldier in the tech industry that keeps piling up patents, adding to its already impressive portfolio. That company is IBM, and it recently added a new green cloud computing patent to its arsenal.

IBM consistently leads the nation in patents on a yearly basis. In 2012, the tech giant racked up 6,478 patents, which is a record. This marked the 20th straight year that IBM was the leader in patents, and it has totaled almost 67,000 patents in that time. This exceeds the total of Amazon, Apple, HP and Intel combined. In 2012, IBM’s next closest competitor in the space was Samsung, with 5,081 patents.

The latest patent allows cloud computing and data center operators to redistribute workloads to other, underutilized systems, saving energy and decreasing the environmental impact of the cloud services.

“The efficient, distributed cloud computing model has made it possible for people to bank, shop, trade stocks and do many other things online, but the massive data centers that enable these apps can include many thousands of energy consuming systems,” said Keith Walker, IBM Master Inventor and co-inventor on the patent told CIO-Today. “We have invented a way for cloud service providers to more efficiently manage their data centers and, as a result, significantly reduce their environmental impact.”


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