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Boston start-up fighting back against patent trolls

LevelUp claims it has allocated hundreds of thousands of unnecessary dollars to patent litigation

It’s not tough to argue that patent trolls are bad for big business — at the very least, attorneys general from Vermont, Massachusetts and Nebraska agree with the sentiment. But often underreported is the effect of non-practicing entities on start-ups and up-and-coming businesses. One growing mobile payments firm, however, is fighting back.

Boston-based mobile payments firm LevelUp says it is in the middle of three separate patent infringement lawsuits brought by patent trolls. As a result, company founder Seth Priebatsch says, LevelUp has been forced to allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars to legal fees instead of, say, hiring more employees. He claims more attention needs to be paid to these types of patent trolls, both from government sources as well as growing companies and venture capitalists themselves.

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