Massachusetts Attorney General latest to take on patent trolls

Martha Coakley joins the fight, aiming to protect small businesses in the state

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, announced her run for governor in September.

The federal government is taking the issue of patent trolls seriously. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has been actively enforcing the America Invents Act and policies set forth by President Obama. Representative Bob Goodlatte, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has proposed a bill, dubbed The Innovation Act, to address patent litigation concerns. 

And the fight against patent trolls is not limited to the federal government. Many state attorneys general, such as Jon Bruning of Nebraska and Bill Sorrell of Vermont, have taken assertive stances against the so-called trolls, companies that create nothing, but simply exist to file patent infringement suits against businesses small and large.  Bruning, Sorrell and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster will be discussing the problem posed by patent trolls in a roundtable on Nov. 19 in New York City.

They are not the only state attorneys general tackling the issue, as Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson has launched an offensive against a notorious troll as well. Now Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has decided to follow suit and attack the issue of patent trolls head-on.

Coakley feels that these patent suits have cost small businesses, especially startups, in her state quite a bit of time and money. At her press conference to announce the new initiative, Coakley will be joined by the CEO of Level Up, a tech startup from the Boston area. The company has been targeted by patent trolls, and Coakley sees it as emblematic of the high financial cost of these suits.


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