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LightSquared sues GPS makers

Claims several major GPS manufacturers suppressed information that directly resulted in its collapse

The advent of more accessible wireless Internet connectivity has been a boon for consumers in the far-flung corners of the world. But according to a suit filed by LightSquared on Nov. 1, its development of 4G LTE services was not in the best interest of global positioning system manufacturers, who LightSquared argues made a concerted effort to block the company’s successful deployment of wireless networks that would bring connectivity to underserved areas.

In the complaint, LightSquared claims that several GPS manufacturers as well as industry groups undermined its investment in the development of network architecture by conspiring to suppress information that the network it was building could be disruptive to GPS networks. Because of issues with interference, LightSquared was unable to obtain certification for the 4G LTE networks with the Federal Communications Commission, and ultimately had its license to use the wireless spectrum revoked.

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