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Technology: Predictive coding and total time & cost to ECA

Using predictive coding for ECA gives you more time to create case strategy using the most relevant information

Many global organizations respond to e-discovery and e-disclosure requests for electronically stored information "ESI" on an all too regular basis. A key phase in the e-discovery process is early case assessment (ECA), the process of reviewing case data to estimate risk, cost and time requirements, and to create the appropriate go-forward strategy to prosecute or defend a legal case. Early case assessment consumes a sizable amount of time and expense in determining what your case strategy should be going forward — should you fight the case or settle as soon as possible. Because of this time and expense, organizations are continuously looking for ways to move into the early case assessment process as quickly as possible, with the right data, while spending the least amount of money to get there.

The early case assessment process usually involves the following steps:

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Bill Tolson

Bill Tolson has more than 20 years’ experience in the e-discovery solutions and consulting markets. Prior to his current position as an e-discovery and information...

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