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Dispelling the myths of the work/life balance

The Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference allowed panelists and audience members to share their tough choices

People from all walks of life, from surgeons to airline pilots to lawyers, seek the elusive ideal known as work/life balance. Last month at the Women, Influence & Power in Law conference in Washington, D.C., panelists and audience members alike shared very candid, personal accounts of scenarios in which they had to make tough—sometimes excruciating—choices in their professional and personal lives.

As I listened to these women share their stories, something occurred to me. The hope of balancing work and life is not an option for those who lead the legal industry. And as a working mother myself, the idea that balance is a myth blew me away. How could it never have occurred to me that we cannot equally distribute our energies, time and talents to both concurrently? Instead, these women spoke unequivocally about the notion that we have one life—a whole life—filled with choices, and the decisions we make when we are transparent and honest can actually help us advance in our respective careers. Brilliant.

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