Kroll Ontrack takes e-discovery to the cloud

Hopes to offer legal departments a more consistent discovery strategy

With the amount of data circulated within a corporation, the process of locating and storing information required by the discovery process is often costly and time consuming. Fortunately, hundreds of companies offer services designed to assist with the electronic discovery process. From the use of specialized hardware and software that forensically analyzes and collects data, to automated document review, there’s really no need for legal department to go it alone in the face of a major discovery project.

Increasingly, though, the amount of information is so prodigious that it can become difficult to confirm all of the relevant information has been accounted for, especially with the advent of Big Data. Big Data harvests massive volumes of information and used them to yield predictive reasoning that helps a company or person make a more informed decision.  While Big Data can offer an improved decision making process, it also means that exponentially larger stores of information are being housed and can be scattered over hundreds of devices. This makes the collection process even more difficult.

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