Demand outweighing supply for compliance officers

Recruiters say risk and compliance hiring is higher than ever

Sure, litigators may make the big bucks. However, according to an October survey of top C-suite executives, it’s risk and compliance that companies should place a larger focus on moving forward. And now, according to recruiters, the demand for compliance expertise has grown even greater than the supply of risk lawyers.

According to a Reuters report, compliance officers have become the new “power brokers” of Wall Street, commanding top dollar and determining the direction of companies. After the struggles stemming from the financial collapse of 2008, recent large fines such as HSBC's $1.8 billion fine for money laundering, and the current legal troubles of companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase (which has incurred $9.2 billion in legal bills this year), companies are slowly realizing that risk management should be a top priority.

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