Is Facebook the new town square?

4th Circuit court ruling on Facebook “liking” affirms court’s willingness to acknowledge the importance of social media

Let’s say my colleague Chris DiMarco is running for First Selectman of his hometown. There are a number of ways I can show my support for his campaign. I could open up my wallet and order a bunch of “Vote DiMarco” bumper stickers and lawn signs from the Internet. Or, I could go to the town green where he lives, get up on and old milk crate and start effusively praising his intelligence and wisdom.

But those take an awful lot of work. I have to, you know, procure the signs or actually travel to the green and speak. There has to be an easier way for me to show my support for this candidate? Well, nowadays, there is. With one click of a mouse button, I can tell the world that I support Chris DiMarco’s candidacy. But what if Editor-in-Chief Erin Harrison supports another candidate and wishes to use my Facebook like against me?

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Richard P. Steeves is Senior Editor and Community Manager of InsideCounsel magazine, where he covers the intellectual property and compliance beats. Rich earned a B.A....

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