Empowering women on both sides of corporate law

Megan Belcher discusses why networking is so essential to connecting inside and outside counsel members.

Megan Belcher, vice president and chief employment counsel, ConAgra Foods

Perhaps the most prevalent advice for anyone seeking career opportunities is the frequently touted adage, “It’s all about who you know.” A mantra of career coaches, mentors and teachers alike, the strength of a good network can’t be denied when attempting to augment and define or redefine your career path. This is the case as much for women in corporate law as it is for anyone.

Take for example Megan Belcher, vice president and chief employment counsel of ConAgra Foods and Transformative Leadership Award winner, who has witnessed first hand what building a strong network can do for empowering and connecting women on both sides of corporate law. In her role, she’s responsible not only for managing a team, but also interfacing with outside counsel when extra horsepower is needed internally.

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