Google must face majority of claims in Gmail wiretap suit

A U.S. District Court disagreed that the company’s service terms and privacy policies are enough to cover the wiretapping

Yahoo and Facebook’s top bosses may have recently chastised the NSA for its information gathering tactics, but it’s a different top technology company that may be receiving the most spying heat. According to a Sept. 26 court ruling, Google Inc. will have to face most claims in a lawsuit alleging that the company illegally reads and mines the contents of private emails. Google is facing allegations that these actions violate federal wiretap laws.

Google originally argued in U.S. District Court that users agreed to let Google intercept and read their email messages when they accepted the company’s service terms and privacy policies. Judge Lucy H. Koh agreed… partially. The judge agreed to throw out state claims against Google, but she refused to dismiss any federal claims against the company.

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